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For all round development in the activities of LAMPS different types of training programmes under different nomenclatures are organized throughout the year for the directors including office bearers, employees and members including SHG members of LAMPS.
a) Leadership Development Course-

This training programme is meant for the directors including office bearers of LAMPS to make them acquainted with the provisions of the West Bengal Co-operative Societies Act, the West Bengal Co-operative Societies Rules and the Bye-laws of the LAMPS so that they can develop their leadership qualities which in tern will make them efficient to formulate different policies to run the LAMPS.

b) Management Development Course-

Mainly the managers, Accountants and other staff of LAMPS are given this training so that they can maintain different types of books and records of LAMPS. The office bearers and other directors may also undergo this training.

c) Short Term Course on Accounts-

The Accountants of LAMPS are the main participants of this training. However, the Managers are also allowed to undergo this training so that both the Managers and the Accountants get acquainted with the proper maintenance of accounts. Directors, who look after the accounts of the LAMPS also undergo this training at times.

d) Short Term Course on SHG and Deposit Mobilization-

Members of SHGs are trained under this programme to help them run the group properly. Besides, since collection of thrift fund is an important and obligatory function of these groups they are trained to maintain accounts for collection of such fund (deposit) as well as allow withdrawal to members from such deposits

e) Awareness Camps-

These camps are organized for SHG members and ordinary members of LAMPS to aware them of different developmental activities under taken by LAMPS as well as by the Panchayets including different health programmes. Besides, the most important training on how to implement the developmental schemes (for which the SHG members and individual members have received/would receive funds) are also covered under this coursers.

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